DevelopMetrics Appoints Gloria Steele as Chairperson

Washington DC, November 2, 2023 – In an exciting move for the world of AI and international development, DevelopMetrics is honored to announce Gloria Steele as its newly appointed Chairperson. Ms. Steele, celebrated for her deep-rooted expertise and commitment to global development, is poised to amplify DevelopMetrics’ mission: harnessing the unparalleled power of AI to navigate and address the world’s most pressing development challenges.

Appointed by President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., as the Acting Administrator of USAID in 2021, Ms. Steele has consistently demonstrated leadership, innovation, and dedication in her various roles over the years. With over 18 years as a distinguished member of the U.S. Government’s Senior Executive Service, she made significant strides, notably in her roles as the Acting Assistant Administrator and Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Bureau for Asia from 2015 to 2020 as well as COO for CARE USA from 2021 and 2023.

Ms. Steele’s collaboration with DevelopMetrics is more than a new role; it’s a visionary leap into reshaping international development for the forthcoming century. DevelopMetrics, acclaimed for its custom Large Language Models (LLMs) tailored for the international development sector, continues to redefine innovation in this space. Through meticulously crafted peer-reviewed algorithms, DevelopMetrics collaborates with top-tier donors, leading NGOs, companies, and universities. These partnerships endeavor to decipher the intricate maze of fragmented development data, unveiling game-changing insights that propel innovation and tangible outcomes in the field. With data sourced from extensive research documents and project evaluations, the insights generated are both relevant and transformative.

As Steele’s visionary leadership converges with DevelopMetrics’ technological expertise, the international development sector stands on the cusp of transformative breakthroughs, charting a path to a better tomorrow.

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About DevelopMetrics: DevelopMetrics stands at the vanguard of integrating AI with international development. By harnessing AI technologies, particularly large language models, the organization offers bespoke solutions to complex development issues. Through collaboration, transparency, and innovation, DevelopMetrics is redefining the paradigms of international development, ensuring a brighter and more equitable future for all.