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Founded by international development experts and data scientists, DevelopMetrics is a women-owned data science firm focused on impact. We use AI and predictive analytics to power insights that are statistically most likely to achieve outcomes. Our peer-reviewed algorithm is based on unique data sets including thousands of coded project evaluations representing over six decades of international development programming.


AidInsight represents a breakthrough in leveraging AI to empower organizations with the capacity to efficiently manage and interpret extensive volumes of text-based data. As a member of the sophisticated Large Language...

AidInsight has been meticulously trained by experts from USAID and the United Nations, utilizing a vast corpus of carefully selected texts. This specialized training equips AidInsight with an expert linguist’s ability to read, understand, and generate human language, setting a new standard for technical proficiency in AI.

Tailored specifically for the realm of international development, AidInsight excels in parsing and analyzing a broad spectrum of documents — from aid programs and economic initiatives to social projects. Its unique focus makes it an invaluable resource for entities like USAID, streamlining the extraction of pertinent insights and facilitating the rapid creation of comprehensive reports and documents with unparalleled precision.

At its core, AidInsight stands as a transformative tool designed to navigate the complexities of written information, dramatically reducing the time and resources traditionally required for data analysis and document generation within the international development sector.

AidInsights application extends across various document types, notably:

1. Project Reports: It adeptly analyzes humanitarian, infrastructure, and public health project reports, distilling crucial insights to guide strategic decisions.
2. Academic Articles: With its advanced training, AidInsight navigates the complexities of academic literature, ensuring organizations remain at the forefront of development practices and theories.
3. Country-Level Data Sets: It processes demographic, economic, and health statistics, offering nuanced insights into the impacts of development efforts.
4. Internal Documents: From corporate strategies to policy frameworks,  ensures organizational coherence and adherence to development goals.
5. Email Communications: By mining email exchanges, it uncovers vital trends and insights, enhancing organizational awareness and responsiveness.
6. Government Publications**: AidInsights analyzes policy statements and regulatory documents, aiding in the comprehension of legal frameworks across different regions.
7. News Articles: It monitors global news to keep abreast of relevant developments, informing strategic adjustments in real-time.
8. Social Media and Web Content: AIdInsight also gauges public sentiment and online discourse, offering a pulse on societal reactions to development initiatives.

AidInsights adaptability in processing such a diverse array of textual data cements its role as an essential tool for decision-makers within the international development field, providing a comprehensive solution to the challenges of information management and analysis.

Ground Breaking Technology

Our curated evidence portal saves your team countless hours of research and provides the springboard to launch thoughtfully designed programs. With this innovative tool at their disposal, teams are able to leverage the evidence to make informed decisions, identify best practices...

and uncover new insights that drive impactful outcomes. The platform offers access to a wide array of vetted, high-quality data sources, including academic research, case studies, project reports, and real-time analytics, all tailored to the unique needs of international development work.

By synthesizing complex information into actionable intelligence, our portal empowers practitioners to navigate the multifaceted challenges of development projects with confidence. It fosters a culture of evidence-based decision-making, encouraging teams to move beyond intuition and conjecture, towards strategies grounded in empirical data. The portal not only accelerates the initial planning stages but also enhances ongoing program evaluation and adaptation, ensuring that interventions remain responsive to evolving contexts and beneficiaries’ needs.

Moreover, the DevelopMetrics evidence portal is designed with user experience in mind, featuring intuitive navigation and advanced search capabilities that make finding relevant evidence straightforward and efficient. It also promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams and stakeholders, facilitating a collective approach to tackling development challenges.

In essence, our evidence portal is more than just a repository of information; it is a dynamic ecosystem that enriches your organization’s work, enabling you to craft solutions that are not only innovative but are also backed by rigorous evidence. This ensures that your interventions are not only effective but also sustainable and scalable, maximizing the positive impact on communities worldwide.


The wealth of development data has not been mined or analyzed at scale limiting our understanding of whether investments are achieving competitive results on the ground... Until now. DevelopMetrics breaks down technology barriers to enable governments, contractors, and NGOs to use advanced machine learning algorithms to drive better project design and Investment.

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