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DevelopMetrics data was a powerful tool that enabled us to use evidence to craft the most effective strategy and drive real outcomes on the ground.

DevelopMetrics’s model has significantly improved our evidence use, saving our team thousands of work hours.

Awarded ​the ​most Promising ​Female-Owned Tech Startup

By Tiger Global Ventures, Global Entrepreneurship Network, and Hello Alice Accelerate(Her) Fund

We believe that understanding trends, mobilizing data, and capturing lessons in a digestible format holds tremendous promise for the future of development. Data science can transform the very nature of the industry – guiding more informed policy and program decisions, leveling the playing field, and allowing donors to fund new activities based on results and likelihood for success, versus size or reputation.

Value Proposition

Win more Bids

Make more Strategic Decisions

Save Time on Research and Reporting

Streamline Access to Internal Evidence

Effortless Material Updates

The wealth of development data has not been mined or analyzed at scale limiting our understanding of whether investments are achieving competitive results on the ground... Until now. DevelopMetrics breaks down technology barriers to enable governments, contractors, and NGOs to use advanced machine learning algorithms to drive better project design and Investment.

Proposal Support


Competitive Analysis

Internal Data Analysis

DevelopMetrics stands at the vanguard of integrating AI with international development. By harnessing AI technologies, particularly large language models, the organization offers bespoke solutions to complex development issues.

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    AI for Development

    - Barcelona - October 28, 2024

    AI for Development - Barcelona - October 28, 2024

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