AI for Development

Barcelona October 28, 2024




















The AI for Development Conference is an invitation-only event where innovation converges with real-world impact. It’s a day dedicated to exploring how artificial intelligence can be a potent solution for addressing critical global challenges in international development.


Keynote Speakers – Confirmation by April 30, 2024

This one-day event gathers thought leaders and pioneers in the AI field who are actively shaping a brighter future through innovative AI solutions. Attendees hailing from Silicon Valley, Washington DC, Kenya, Jordan, and beyond will join their European counterparts to gain valuable insights into groundbreaking projects, success stories, and the immense potential of AI in promoting sustainability and prosperity. The discussions will also encompass the challenges associated with AI, providing a comprehensive understanding of its role in addressing global issues.


Networking Opportunities

Attendees will be actively engaging in networking activities during the conference including a happy hour hosted on the beautiful roof terrace overlooking Barceloneta beach featuring local Cava. In addition to the enriching workshops and insightful keynote sessions, attendees will connect with professionals, researchers, and fellow attendees who share their passion for leveraging AI in global development. This is their chance to foster collaborations, engage in vibrant idea exchanges, and establish partnerships that will steer the next wave of innovation in international development.


The event will result in a deeper understanding of the future of AI in international development and will foster stronger connections among the leaders who will drive this transformation

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