Digital world LLM

On January 12, 2024, Lindsey Moore, CEO of DevelopMetrics, presented a comprehensive digital world Large Language Model (LLM) dashboard to USAID’s Digital Sector Council, marking a notable advancement in digital intervention analytics.

During the presentation, Moore highlighted the practical applications of the innovative tool in various aspects of project management, such as tasker response, proposal evaluation, activity design, and addressing learning queries. The dashboard, meticulously curated, incorporates over 40,000 observations from digital interventions across USAID’s global history, providing a robust database for evidence-based decision-making.

A notable feature of the dashboard is its global sample size representation, visually indicating the prevalence of digital interventions across countries. Moore pointed out the Philippines as having the highest number of digital projects, offering valuable insights for strategic planning and resource allocation.

Moore demonstrated how the dashboard simplifies the identification of successful digital interventions and recognition of potential challenges. For instance, a quick search can reveal the extent of cyber interventions in various regions or highlight success stories in specific countries, streamlining the process of gathering insights and fostering evidence-based conversations.

Another significant aspect highlighted was the third-party assessment of impact, categorizing projects based on their contribution to objectives. This feature provides users with a directional sense of project outcomes and potential areas for deeper qualitative investigation.

The intervention frequency tool in the dashboard presents a comprehensive map of all digital interventions by USAID, detailed down to specific categories like digital inclusion. This feature is instrumental for planners and policymakers in understanding past trends and making informed decisions about future projects.

Moore discussed how the tool aids in evaluating proposals and understanding past performance by implementing partners, offering insights into emerging technologies and their implementation. This information provides valuable context for decision-makers.

The presentation underscored the importance of lessons and recommendations, cutting through biases often found in evaluations and documents. Moore emphasized the insights gained from this section, crucial for designing follow-on projects and translating past lessons into future successes.

Concluding her presentation, Moore expressed her commitment to continuously improving the tool and invited feedback from council members. She highlighted the dashboard’s role in facilitating higher-level thinking and deeper conversations about causality and impact, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of digital interventions in international development.

The presentation serves as a clear testament to DevelopMetrics’ innovative approach in harnessing data for better decision-making and impact in the realm of international development.