DevelopmMetrics Portfolio

AI Milestones Reviewing the events of 2023, DevelopMetrics acknowledges the notable advancements in artificial intelligence within the field of international development. Collaborations with organizations such as USAID and Mercy Corps have contributed to significant progress in data analysis and strategic planning. The results of these collaborative efforts have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of global […]

Digital world LLM

On January 12, 2024, Lindsey Moore, CEO of DevelopMetrics, presented a comprehensive digital world Large Language Model (LLM) dashboard to USAID’s Digital Sector Council, marking a notable advancement in digital intervention analytics. During the presentation, Moore highlighted the practical applications of the innovative tool in various aspects of project management, such as tasker response, proposal […]

AI for Development

Barcelona October 28, 2024                                       The AI for Development Conference is an invitation-only event where innovation converges with real-world impact. It’s a day dedicated to exploring how artificial intelligence can be a potent solution for addressing critical […]

DevelopMetrics Appoints Gloria Steele as Chairperson

DevelopMetrics Appoints Gloria Steele as Chairperson Washington DC, November 2, 2023 – In an exciting move for the world of AI and international development, DevelopMetrics is honored to announce Gloria Steele as its newly appointed Chairperson. Ms. Steele, celebrated for her deep-rooted expertise and commitment to global development, is poised to amplify DevelopMetrics’ mission: harnessing […]

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AidEx 2023 was a blast! Big shoutout to all the people who dropped by our booth. We’re all about turning these connections into collaborations. Thanks to these amazing organizations who joined us on this journey: – Development2030– International Committee of the Red Cross – ICRC– Department for Business and Trade– United Nations– EY– GiveDirectly– IOM – UN Migration As we bid adieu […]

Case Study: Automating USAID PerformancePlan and Report (PPR)

IntroductionAccepting Administrator Power’s challenge to streamline processes and cut red tape, the USAID Tajikistan Mission pioneered the use of Artificial Intelligence to automate the generation of PPR narratives, reclaiming roughly 1,250 annual staff hours and mitigating the need for extended work days to adhere to critical deadlines. To achieve this, the Mission leveraged DevelopMetrics’ advanced […]